Kayak Surfing Tug Waves in Seattle - June 7, 2017

Tug surfing in Seattle on Puget Sound last week. 

Excited to get my newly modified Sterling's Illusion kayak out (now a sit on top), these were my first tug waves on my kayak in a few years. 

The tug put off a nice wake with approx 4' waves in a glassy hot Spring day. Summer is coming! And I got a good hand tan.

Take my tug surfing class to learn how and where to catch these epic waves. Must be an experienced paddler as we take the waves in deep water a half mile offshore.  

We get one set (3 waves) per boat so it can be easily missed if you fall of don't catch the wave.  

Best on a long sup 12-6 or longer (ideally a 14'), a sea kayak, surf ski or OC.  

Any questions give me a holler. Join my mailing list! Contact me: salmonbaypaddle@gmail.com / 206.465.7167 - Check out our kayak and SUP classes in Seattle - Beginning to advanced instruction including freighter and tug wave surfing, coastal surfing, rivers and racing, plus PSUPA Instructor Certification.