Stand Up Paddling Business Coaching

During the first decade of stand up paddle boarding as a business, I've seen many businesses start and fail while others succeed. As director of the Professional Stand Up Paddle Association and owner of my own paddling business for the past 6 years, I'm available as a Stand Up Paddle Board (and Kayak) Business Consultant to assist with business set-up and how to keep your business fresh or even renew itself after a few years.

Topics I can assist with:
- What type of SUP and/or paddling business to start?
- How should I scale? Start small or become a large shop?
- Do I need certification?
- How to purchase gear as a business
- Marketing - Social media, print, referrals, testimonials, reviews, etc..
- How to re-invent your business during a slump, market or personal change?
- What to charge?
- Sponsorships
- Building a community
- How to work overseas

Rob Casey
Salmon Bay Paddle / PSUPA
Seattle, WA USA